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AB SKF Spearheads Financial Resilience with Strategic Share Conversion


Lauren Miller

March 28, 2024 - 07:25 am


AB SKF Announces Significant Share Conversion from Series A to Series B

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a striking development within the financial landscape of AB SKF, the prestigious engineering company has confirmed a substantial conversion of shares. Adhering to the stipulated regulations within AB SKF's Articles of Association, this transformation from Series A shares to Series B has been officially reported by the company.

As of March 28, 2024, AB SKF has formally disclosed that its share capital stands at SEK 1,138,377,670. This capital is representative of a grand total of 29,286,933 shares classified under Series A and an impressive count of 426,064,135 shares falling under Series B. It is noteworthy that the consequential total voting power within the corporation now equates to 71,893,346.5 votes.

It is imperative to mention that AB SKF retains no shares in its possession, signifying clarity in its capital structure. Such transparency in share distribution and voting rights is a testament to the company's corporate governance practices.

Further details relating to the company demonstrate its transparency in compliance with corporate requirements. According to Aktiebolaget SKF (public), this press release includes critical information that AB SKF is mandated to make public under the Financial Instruments Trading Act. Sharing of this information punctually went into effect on March 28, 2024, at exactly 08.00 Central European Time.

Contact Information

AB SKF, while announcing this corporate change, has made provisions for further inquiries. For members of the press seeking greater depth on this story or other inquiries, they are encouraged to reach out to Carl Bjernstam, the distinguished Head of Media Relations. His contact details have been made readily available, including his office telephone number 46 31-337 2517, mobile line 46 722-201 893, and his official email address ([email protected][email protected]). Carl Bjernstam stands ready to provide additional insights and answers to media-related questions.

Investors and financial analysts who are keen on unpacking the nuances of this share conversion can communicate with Sophie Arnius, the illustrious Head of Investor Relations. Access to her is provided via the following contact resources: telephone number 46 31-337 8072, mobile number 46 705-908 072, and her investor relations email address ([email protected][email protected]). With her profound understanding of the intricacies of AB SKF's financial structure, Sophie Arnius will offer detailed clarifications and data germane to investor relations.

Additional Resources

AB SKF acknowledges the role of Cision in distributing this critical announcement, a credible and established news aggregator in the industry. For the convenience of readers and stakeholders wishing to follow this news through Cision's platform, the URL hosts the press release and is accessible for comprehensive information gathering.

Moreover, for in-depth details on the shift in the total number of votes within AB SKF subsequent to the share conversion, interested parties can delve into the content hosted via the link,c3953982. This URL directs users to specific documentation regarding AB SKF’s recent corporate actions and statistical data reflective of the new voting structure.

Aside from the electronic documentation available, AB SKF has facilitated the download of pertinent files for public accessibility. This initiative guarantees that all interested persons can consult the detailed announcement directly and engage with the data at their discretion. The file available for this purpose is a PDF document that can be downloaded through the following link: The document, labeled "20240328 Announcement of change in the total number of votes in AB SKF," serves as an official record of the company's share conversion report and pivotal for anyone seeking to comprehend the resultant changes in voting power.

Implications of Share Conversion

The conversion of shares from Series A to Series B is a procedural process outlined by AB SKF's Articles of Association. Such an exercise is critical, for it has a direct impact on the share compositions and the voting dynamics within the corporation. The process typically suggests a strategic move that can influence shareholder influence and the general decision-making landscape of the company.

Shareholders involved in this transformation from Series A to Series B will note the differences in their share characteristics. Series A shares, often associated with more voting power, often permit shareholders greater influence per shares held as compared to Series B shares. Following this conversion, there might be a redistribution of voting rights which could potentially reorient the strategic decisions within the company.

It's also crucial to note that AB SKF, by not holding any own shares, demonstrates a structure where all shares are externally owned. This could enhance the liquidity of these shares in the market, as there are no internally held shares that could potentially be offloaded into the market at a later date, thus influencing share price and availability.

Future Prospect and Corporate Governance

Financial transparency and regulatory compliance, as evidenced in this most recent announcement, highlight AB SKF’s dedication to maintaining its corporate governance principles. By adhering to the requirements of the Financial Instruments Trading Act and ensuring timely dissemination of information, AB SKF demonstrates its commitment to uphold shareholder interests and market integrity.


In conclusion, the transformation in AB SKF’s share structure announced on March 28, 2024, is an indicator of the company's dynamic financial strategies. Observers and stakeholders in the industry are encouraged to monitor these developments closely. The company's continued adherence to transparency and engagement with its shareholders and the investing public exemplifies a business model rooted in sound governance and proactivity.

We welcome all affected parties, shareholders, potential investors, and interested observers to access the links provided for a more detailed grasp of these corporate changes. AB SKF remains steadfast in its commitment to adopting fair practices that serve the best interests of all involved while paving the way for continued industrial innovation and fiscal responsibility.

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