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Airwallex Gears Up for Middle Eastern Market Domination


Leo Gonzalez

May 10, 2024 - 08:22 am


Airwallex Eyes Expansion and Innovation with Middle Eastern Investors

In a bold move to expand its global footprint, the Melbourne-based payment platform startup Airwallex is actively engaging with heavyweight Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds. These discussions are part of the company's strategy to secure new capital to fuel its growing operations and to mark its presence in a region that's seeing a surge in digital payment solutions.

Talks with Top Investors

The top executives of Airwallex have entered into several high-level talks with major Middle Eastern investment authorities, as revealed in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg News. The company's own Chief Executive Officer, Jack Zhang, has confirmed these recent developments, citing discussions with Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the Mubadala Investment Co., and Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

The extra capital is foreseen as a vital catalyst for the Australian payment giant, allowing it to not only pursue aggressive regional expansion plans but also to invest substantially in AI-driven product enhancements. Commenting on the financial state of the company, CEO Zhang proudly noted that Airwallex is already generating positive cashflow and boasts a substantial financial reserve amounting to half a billion dollars.

Airwallex's Growth Trajectory

Since its inception in 2015, Airwallex has established itself as a leading force in the financial tech industry, specializing in cross-border payment solutions and collections for a diverse clientele. To date, the company's investment rounds have attracted $902 million, with notable backers including Tencent Holdings Ltd., propelling its valuation to an impressive $5.6 billion. This information can be found detailed on its official website.

With a current operational reach that extends to 19 offices globally, Airwallex has set its sights on the lucrative Middle Eastern markets as a primary objective in its next growth phase. The company plans to kickstart its services in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with prospects to further extend into additional markets such as Qatar and Bahrain in the near future.

Navigating Regional Competition

The competitive landscape in the Middle East is quite robust, with major players like PayPal Holdings Inc. and Revolut Ltd. already established. Despite this, Zhang is confident in Airwallex's potential to not only enter but thrive in this market. The company is on track to receive a license to operate in the UAE within six to twelve months, while the Saudi Arabian market may require a longer timeline of up to 18 months for approval.

Emphasizing the changing regulatory climate, Zhang remarked, "I think in the last few years the regulatory landscape is getting more transparent, and we felt the timing is right for us to come." He conceded that the company is entering the region a bit later than its competitors, but the move is strategic and well-considered, as they play "a bit of a catch-up game."

Forging Strategic Partnerships

Airwallex isn't just entering the Middle Eastern market alone; it's actively seeking and engaging in talks with various regional fintech firms to assist in their expansion efforts. Zhang outlined the unique value proposition of Airwallex to international companies eyeing the Middle East: the provision of a single, unified payments platform that simplifies their entry and operations in this diverse and dynamic region.

Leveraging International Licenses

The company's fast-paced global expansion was marked by a significant milestone last year when it secured an online payment business license in China. This achievement made Airwallex only the second foreign payments company regulated in China, following PayPal. With a suite of international licenses from markets including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and the US, Airwallex is building a formidable global presence.

Zhang pointed out the strategic advantage of Airwallex's Australian roots, enabling the firm to act as a bridge for enhancing partnerships between Beijing and the Middle Eastern region. This unique position is expected to play a crucial role in bolstering the company's business prospects and contributing to the strengthening of bilateral economic ties.


The initiative taken by Airwallex underscores a significant shift in the payments industry as companies are not just seeking to innovate within their services but are also making strategic geographic expansions. With the attention of the Middle East's sovereign wealth funds potentially aligning with Airwallex's ambitions, we may soon witness a new player reshaping the digital payments landscape in one of the world's fastest-growing financial regions.

To keep up with the progress of these negotiations and the company’s advancements, industry observers and customers alike are advised to monitor developments through reputable news sources like Bloomberg, which continues to provide in-depth coverage on such matters. Additional insights and facts regarding Airwallex’s operations and expansion plans can be referenced directly from Bloomberg's original report which further adds credibility to these updates. You can find the reference here.

In closing, Airwallex's strategic move for capital acquisition and planned market entrance into the Middle East showcases the company’s ambition and highlights how international fintech companies are increasingly viewing the region as a key area for growth. With its existing cash reserves, focus on AI-driven innovation, and the successful negotiation of licenses, Airwallex is well-positioned to capitalize on expanding economic relations and the digital revolution shaping the global financial landscape.

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