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Blue Hat Interactive and GTC Group Launch Landmark Alliance for FinTech in MENA


Michael Chen

March 11, 2024 - 09:25 am


Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment and GTC Group Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Financial Trading in MENA Region

DUBAI, UAE, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant development for the fintech sector, Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: BHAT), an innovative leader in the interactive entertainment industry, has established a monumental strategic partnership with Dubai's esteemed financial derivatives trading services company, GTC Group LLC-FZ. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of financial technology services across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Blue Hat and GTC Group Enter Strategic Alliance

The agreement signals the dawn of a robust partnership where Blue Hat Interactive will make a defining entrance into the realm of financial services, encompassing commodities, foreign exchange, stocks, indices, and more. GTC GROUP is poised to lay the groundwork for core operational services, driven by a commitment to foster the growth of financial derivatives trading markets throughout the MENA region.

GTC GROUP's CEO, Jack Zheng, expressed pride in the company's significant strides within the field of financial derivatives. With a monthly trading volume surpassing USD 50 billion by the end of 2023, GTC GROUP envisions this partnership as an avenue to jointly elevate the MENA financial derivatives trading market. Zheng's sentiments invoke a shared enthusiasm for innovation and progression in trading services.

A Milestone in Fintech Innovation

During the ceremony, Dr. Deanna Liu, executive director of Golden Strategy Ltd, a subsidiary fully owned by BHAT, articulated the transformative implications of the alliance. Liu highlighted the partnership as a keystone in BHAT's transition towards AI services and as a catalyst for its international reach. The strategic collaboration promises a wealth of opportunities, set to amplify BHAT's influence in financial services and augment GTC GROUP's global financial standing.

Liu further mentioned the aim of both parties to establish a premium digital trading brand for financial derivatives in Dubai, an esteemed international financial hub. The ambitious goal is to set a pioneering standard in the fintech sector, potentially reaching hundreds of billions of dollars in value. This collaborative effort is forecasted to not only push the FinTech industry forward but also offer fresh and diverse choices to the market.

The belief in mutual achievements and contributions towards the resilience and wealth of the global financial market is strong between the two entities. Anticipation for the fruits of this partnership abounds, with both parties committed to furthering their success together.

For further information, Dr. Deanna Liu can be reached via [email protected].

SOURCE: Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology​

An Era of Fintech Collaboration

This partnership marks a critical juncture in fin-tech history, as two powerhouses converge to innovate and expand financial services. BHAT's foray into the finance sector is positioned to diversify its offerings and leverage its entertainment technology roots in new markets. With Blue Hat's entry into intricate financial ecosystems, the integration of their technology in fin-tech services is predicted to introduce a revolutionary dimension to the way financial transactions are handled across the region.

GTC GROUP stands at the forefront of this junction, embodying a philosophy of providing quality and comprehensive trading services. Spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Jack Zheng, GTC GROUP has displayed an impressive performance within the complex and demanding world of financial derivatives. The expertise of GTC GROUP in navigating this field is invaluable as they undertake the role of operational stalwart in this partnership.

Together, the combined strength of Blue Hat's pioneering technology and GTC's expert trading acumen forms an alliance that is poised to set new benchmarks in financial services. The MENA region, already a bustling arena for financial activities, is primed to witness an unprecedented integrative approach toward financial and technological advancements.

Pioneering the Future of Digital Financial Services

Envisioning a world where financial services and digital innovation collide, the Blue Hat and GTC GROUP partnership is tailored to cater to the demands of a digitally savvy consumer base. Their commitment to nurturing the financial derivatives trading market in MENA is a testament to their foresight and dedication to progress.

The strategic partnership is designed to be dynamic, adaptable to the evolving needs of the market, and resilient to the fast-paced changes that define the technological and financial sectors. This unique collaboration lays the groundwork for a service offering that combines the agility of technological advancements with the robustness of financial systems, providing a comprehensive solution that is poised to revolutionize the market.

With a focus on creating a high-caliber digital trading platform, the alliance is keen on redefining the user experience in financial derivatives trading. The collaboration aims to blend state-of-the-art technology with compelling market insights to deliver an unparalleled trading experience - one that is efficient, secure, and aligned with global best practices.

Dr. Deanna Liu's remarks during the signing further underlined the potential of the partnership to serve as a key driver for the development and acceptance of FinTech solutions on a global scale. The emphasis on AI services indicates a future where artificial intelligence will play a critical role in financial decision-making processes and the everyday operations of financial markets.

Driven by Innovation, Bound by Excellence

The robust bond between BHAT and GTC GROUP is not just about building a brand but forging a legacy of innovation and service excellence. The vision to craft a digital trading environment that is reflective of a hundred billion dollar brand requires meticulous planning and unrelenting passion. Together, they aspire to create a digital fortress of stability and prosperity in the global financial landscape.

As digital trading becomes the norm, the entities are set to inject a fresh vigor into the diverse spectrum of financial services available. Their venture promises to push boundaries, create new paradigms, and ultimately empower users to navigate the complexities of the financial trading world with greater confidence and insight.

The alliance's impact on the financial sphere extends beyond the MENA region, signifying a transformative shift that can potentially influence global financial trends. The promise of fostering innovative financial services positions Dubai and the MENA region as a beacon of advanced financial technology that can draw investors, traders, and fintech enthusiasts from worldwide.

Towards a Fintech-Focused Future

The forging of this strategic alliance highlights a united vision between BHAT and GTC GROUP for a future where fin-tech is not merely a niche but a fundamental aspect of financial services. This partnership stands as a bold statement to the entire financial community - a declaration of intent to embrace the fusion of technology and finance to create a more dynamic, transparent, and accessible financial ecosystem.

In the presence of Dubai's grand financial architecture, the agreement between Blue Hat Interactive and GTC Group is more than a handshake between companies. It is a handshake with the future, an acknowledgment of the endless possibilities that innovation in financial technology can bring.

The celebration of this historic alliance is a beacon for the industry, proving that when visionary technology meets expert financial craftsmanship, the potential for creating something truly transformative knows no bounds. Both Blue Hat Interactive and GTC GROUP stand at the helm, ready to steer the course of financial services into new and exhilarating waters.


The strategic partnership forged between Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology and GTC Group LLC-FZ is more than a typical business collaboration; it is a union of purpose and innovation, aiming to reshape the landscape of financial technology in the MENA region and beyond. As these two organizations embark on their joint venture, the financial world watches with eager anticipation. The path they are charting could not only redefine the future of digital trading but also strengthen the foundational structures upon which the global financial market stands.

With the spirit of collaboration fueling their journey, the success that lies ahead for Blue Hat and GTC Group will echo as an inspiration for the entire fin-tech industry, setting a benchmark for innovation, growth, and enduring prosperity.

For more information, please contact Dr. Deanna Liu at [email protected], or visit Blue Hat Interactive's official website.