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Casa and Ledn Forge Dynamic Alliance Offering Low-Interest Crypto Loans


Lauren Miller

March 19, 2024 - 13:54 pm


Casa & Ledn Join Forces to Introduce Reduced Interest Crypto Loans

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In what can be considered a significant advancement in the world of digital finance, Casa, a pioneer in cryptocurrency self-custody solutions, has collaborated with Ledn, a leading global crypto lending institution, to significantly enhance the borrowing options available to Casa users. The strategic partnership is designed to capitalize on the swelling interest among Casa customers to employ their digital currencies as collateral for loans.

A New Era of Financial Empowerment for Crypto Holders

Traditionally, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the two giants of the cryptocurrency market, have always held the spotlight when it comes to high liquidity digital assets. In recent times, there has been a surge of interest among Casa customers looking to leverage their BTC and ETH holdings to secure funds without selling their investments. Responding to this demand, Casa has unveiled an exclusive arrangement with Ledn, allowing its members to access crypto-backed loans at a reduced interest rate. This move not only reflects the financial agility of the program but also Ledn's robust track record, having orchestrated more than $5 billion worth of loans since 2018.

Ledn and Casa Partner to Reward High-Security Custody Users with BTC/ETH-Backed Loan Benefits

Ledn and Casa Partner to Reward High-Security Custody Users with BTC/ETH-Backed Loan Benefits

Simplified Borrowing With Attractive Benefits

Ledn's product spectrum addresses the modern financial needs of digital asset owners across over 130 countries, offering a varied range of lending and savings services tailored for the age of cryptocurrency. As an immediate perk of this joint venture, Casa's community will revel in significant savings with a 0.25% APR cut on the first quintet of loans through Ledn. The lending process has been streamlined for efficiency, requiring a bare minimum of $1,000 USD in BTC or ETH as collateral. Astonishingly, this arrangement dispenses with the customary credit checks, representing a break from traditional lending protocols. Loans approved in this innovative ecosystem will witness funds disbursed within a solitary day, and borrowers are at liberty of prepayment anytime without the fear of penalties or the obligation of monthly payments.

Common Values Breeding Ground for Synergy

Adam Reeds, Ledn's CEO, expressed his admiration for the Casa platform, highlighting the shared emphasis on Bitcoin and Ethereum, the twin pillars of digital liquidity. Reeds underscored the mutual prioritization of transparency, client empowerment, and exceptional service that is at the heart of both companies. "Together, we aim to elevate our clients' potential in amassing and commanding their digital wealth," stated Reeds.

Nick Neuman, CEO and co-founder of Casa, championed the ideal of self-custody as the superior option for retaining authority over bitcoin and other digital assets. This new alliance with Ledn seamlessly complements Casa's philosophy, paving the way for members to engage with unique borrowing opportunities that spring from self-custody.

A Partnership with Dynamic Potential

The inaugural referral program is anticipated to be the first step in a long and favorable partnership, drawing on the strengths of both organizations. Success in this initial phase could pave the way for deeper integrations between platforms and could spawn joint ventures and new initiatives, further enhancing the services offered to the community.

Interested parties eager to glean more about this collaboration are encouraged to reach out to Casa's advisory team. For those ready to embark on the borrowing journey, a dedicated webpage awaits to guide through the loan application process.

About Casa: The Vanguard of Digital Self-Custody

Founded in 2016, Casa has been at the forefront of providing secure, user-friendly self-custody solutions for bitcoin and other digital assets. Through the utilization of multi-key vaults, Casa members experience a heightened level of protection against common threats like hacks, thefts, or accidents—eliminating single points of failure. This approach is part of Casa's mission to offer absolute control and safety over digital wealth.

For additional details, visit Casa's official website.

About Ledn: Innovators in Crypto-Backed Financing has carved its niche as a purveyor of innovative crypto-backed financial services since its debut in 2018. With more than $5 billion in originated crypto loans, Ledn is committed to granting its clientele access to financial products that shine for their security, transparency, and ease of use. Beyond its flagship loan programs, Ledn extends savings accounts and other instruments, empowering clients to prosper in the burgeoning digital economy. The company's strategic hub resides in the Cayman Islands.