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Copper Place Global Capital Takes the Reins of GDVD for a Prosperous Future


Leo Gonzalez

April 8, 2024 - 22:04 pm


Copper Place Global Capital Embarks on a New Journey with GDVD

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 8, 2024 – In a significant development, the Board of Trustees of Northern Lights Fund Trust IV has announced the appointment of Copper Place Global Capital, LLC (“Copper Place”) as the new interim investment advisor for the R3 Global Dividend Growth ETF, marking a new chapter in the fund's journey. Reflecting this change, the Fund will soon be known as the Copper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF yet it will continue to trade under the existing ticker symbol "GDVD".

A Triad of Core Investment Objectives

The GDVD stands firm on its three foundational investment objectives, designed to cater to its investors' long-term financial goals. The primary mission is to offer an annual dividend yield that not only competes but strives to surpass the average yield of leading market indices recognized globally. Ensuring investor satisfaction through enhanced revenues itself illustrates Copper Place's commitment to delivering value.

The second objective reinforces the Fund's focus on channeling capital into flourishing enterprises displaying the capability and intent to increment their dividend payouts. The expectation is not modest: the fund managers anticipate these dividends to not just exist but to consistently experience growth with each passing year. Such optimism speaks volumes of their confidence in the investment picks and the prospects they foresee.

Thirdly, with scrupulous attention to detail, the investment team applies a comprehensive value investment strategy during the selection process. This approach has been crafted to identify those rare companies that attain the high standards set by the Fund, thereby contributing to the crafting of a robust investment portfolio one exceptional company at a time.

An internally designed and proprietary model stands at the core of the Fund's operational excellence. This sophisticated system empowers the team to systematically observe, evaluate, and assess thousands of companies on a global scale. Rigor in analysis and strategic selection form the pillars upon which the Fund's reputation for excellence is built.

Unwavering Expertise at the Helm

Underscoring the continuity of insight and experience, the leadership of the investment team endures, with Cliff Remily, CFA, and Trip Brannen, CFA, at the forefront. Remily, in particular, has been synonymous with the GDVD, having spearheaded its portfolio management since its inception in 2017 under Principal Global Investors. His words resonate optimism as he commented, "We are excited to start this new chapter with Copper Place and look forward to delivering our time-tested strategy of focusing on what we believe are the three most important aspects of investing over the long run." The unchanging helm of the GDVD ensures a stable direction for the Fund's future endeavors.

Cliff further elucidates the Fund's established investment philosophy, underlining their worldwide diversified strategy. The relentless quest for high-quality companies endowed with burgeoning dividends is at the heart of this vision. Achieving a higher yield in comparison to their benchmarks, and securing long-term capital growth mirror the team's resolute aspiration to consistently provide value to their investors.

Dedicated to Long-term Capital Appreciation

The pursuit of long-term capital appreciation underpins the very ethos of the Copper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF. They are not merely looking at immediate returns but are strategically positioned to capture the essence of growth over a prolonged period. It is a marathon, not a sprint, and GDVD is pacing itself methodically to achieve that long-term appreciation that so many astute investors seek.

Embracing the Global Investment Landscape

Embracing a global perspective allows the GDVD to tap into a diverse set of investment opportunities worldwide. The undeterred focus on global diversification brings forth the advantages of investing across different geographies, sectors, and economies, thereby providing a hedge against the idiosyncratic risks of single markets and enhancing the possibilities of dividend growth across various industries.

Engaging with the Copper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF

Potential investors and stakeholders keen on understanding the intricate strategies and future prospects of the GDVD are encouraged to seek further information. By visiting, interested parties can glean a comprehensive overview of the investment goals, processes, and the seasoned expertise that defines the newly appointed investment manager, Copper Place Global Capital, LLC.


As the baton of stewardship is passed to Copper Place Global Capital, LLC, the GDVD is positioned to flourish under the guidance of its seasoned investment team. With a steadfast commitment to dividend growth and a rigorous value investment approach, the Fund seeks to continue serving its investors with a strategy that prioritizes long-term success and stability. The dawn of this new chapter engenders anticipation for a future wherein the Copper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF ascends to new heights of investment excellence.

In conclusion, the pivot to Copper Place Global Capital reflects a renewed dedication to both innovation and tradition within the space of global dividend growth investing. As GDVD transitions into the Copper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF, stakeholders can expect a core strategy that values steady growth, a balanced approach to risk, and a keen eye for opportunity in the dynamic landscape of international markets.

For more detailed information and insights into this strategic transition and what it means for your investment journey with GDVD, make sure to visit Engage with the wealth of knowledge presented by Copper Place Global Capital and discover how your financial aspirations align with the vision and performance of the Copper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF.

SOURCE: Copper Place Global Capital, LLC

With this significant shift, a new era unfolds for the investors and partners of GDVD. Under the esteemed guardianship of Copper Place Global Capital and the adept leadership of proven financial connoisseurs like Cliff Remily and Trip Brannen, the future seems to be charting a promising course. It is a narrative of continuity and growth that spells the unyielding dedication to excellence within the Copper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF.