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the japanese yen reaches a new 34 year low despite efforts from officials to stabilize it through verbal interventions 694


The Japanese yen reaches a new 34-year low, despite efforts from officials to stabilize it through verbal interventions


Lauren Miller

April 25, 2024 - 06:15 am


Yen Depreciation Post-BOJ Meeting

Since the Bank of Japan's meeting in March, the yen has depreciated by 4.2%. This decline has been exacerbated by a stronger U.S. dollar, driven by persistent inflation in the U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's recent statements indicate that interest rate cuts are unlikely in the near future, further influencing the dollar's strength. For detailed insights, visit Reitbuzz.

Market Expectations and BOJ's Upcoming Decision

With the Bank of Japan set to announce its monetary policy decision this Friday, the market remains tense. The yen has recently fallen below the 155 mark against the dollar, reaching a 34-year low despite warnings from Japanese authorities. Market speculation had previously suggested that reaching this level might trigger a response to bolster the currency, but analysts like Shusuke Yamada from BofA Securities Japan are skeptical about any immediate change in policy direction at the upcoming meeting.

Impact of a Strong Dollar and U.S. Inflation

The strengthening dollar, coupled with high U.S. inflation rates, has contributed significantly to the yen's weakening. Comments from Jerome Powell have set the expectation that the U.S. may maintain its current interest rates, adding pressure on the yen. For more on global economic trends, visit BigRigNews.

Verbal Interventions and Market Reactions

Japanese officials have increased their verbal interventions to stabilize the yen, but these efforts may not prove effective if the currency's movement is mainly driven by the dollar's overall strength. Idanna Appio from First Eagle Investments notes that this week's BOJ meeting will be crucial for investors as they evaluate inflation projections, oil price impacts, and wage trends.

Potential for Coordinated Intervention

The possibility of a coordinated intervention with South Korea has been discussed as a means to support both the yen and the Korean won. However, immediate action from the Bank of Japan or the Ministry of Finance seems unlikely, as stated by Vishnu Varathan from Mizuho Bank, who describes the yen's weakness as a limitation rather than a trigger for policy changes.