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Vic Alexander Hailed as Financial Beacon by Forbes


Lauren Miller

May 7, 2024 - 19:19 pm


Forbes Acknowledges Vic Alexander of KraftCPAs as a Top Financial Visionary in America

In a prestigious acknowledgment by Forbes, Vic Alexander of KraftCPAs PLLC has been bestowed the honor of being listed among America's Top 200 CPAs. This inaugural list by Forbes recognizes exceptional accountants across the nation who have made significant contributions to their field. Published on May 7, 2024, the recognition adds to Alexander's impressive list of career milestones as the chief manager of the firm. Forbes lauded these select professionals, stating they are the go-to experts for both burgeoning entrepreneurs and established business moguls seeking to navigate their financial landscapes.

"For those grappling with the complexities of their enterprises or who aspire to effectively manage their substantial achievements, these esteemed individuals are indispensable," Forbes emphasized in its announcement of the 200-person list.

A Titan among Titans: Vic Alexander's Journey to the Top

In a field permeated by high-caliber professionals, Alexander's selection as one of just two individuals from Tennessee - and notably the only professional from Middle Tennessee - makes this honor all the more remarkable. His career is distinguished by a series of illustrious accolades, including the Most Admired CEO Lifetime Achievement Award and Power Leader in Finance as conferred by the Nashville Business Journal. Furthermore, the Nashville Post recognized him in Accounting's Finest, while BusinessTN Magazine cited him among Tennessee's Finest Accountants. Lipscomb University also honored him with the Business with Purpose Award, recognizing his exceptional leadership.

Speaking on his acknowledgment, Alexander reflected on his career path, paying homage to the foundational influence of Joe Kraft and his partners. "In the nascent stages of my vocation, I was blessed with the opportunity to observe and learn from the remarkable benchmarks set by Joe Kraft and his peers." Alexander's humility shone through as he added, "While personal recognitions can be gratifying, they aptly mirror the collective effort and dedication of our entire team at KraftCPAs, who are essential to our firm's success."

Forbes' meticulous selection process for its esteemed list was independent and centered around a rigorous evaluation of criteria. Nominees were appraised on the basis of their expertise, innovation, leadership in thought, experience, and service to both community and profession. Additionally, what factored into their evaluation were the responses to a set of carefully crafted questions designed to measure their professional standing and societal impact.

About KraftCPAs PLLC

Tracing its roots back to 1958, the firm KraftCPAs PLLC was founded by the late Joe Kraft. As one of Tennessee's largest independent certified public accounting firms, it has grown significantly with a dedicated staff exceeding 250 individuals. The firm's geographical footprint extends across offices in Nashville, Chattanooga, Columbia, and Lebanon. Alongside its primary services, KraftCPAs PLLC also encompasses four affiliates that specialize in additional, niche sectors. Individuals and businesses interested in learning more about the firm's comprehensive offerings can visit for further information.

Connecting with KraftCPAs PLLC

For those seeking deeper insights or requiring assistance related to media inquiries, Jamie Hall can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 615-242-7356, serving as the firm's conduit to the press and the public. As the firm continues to wield significant influence in the financial sector, media contact is an essential part of its engagement with the broader community and the accounting industry.

Bringing his discussion to a poignant conclusion, Alexander noted, "Our firm's legacy is not one built from individual triumphs; it thrives as a testament to our collective determination and unwavering commitment to excellence that each member brings to their role every day."

In summation, the recognition bestowed by Forbes on Vic Alexander is not merely a testament to his individual prowess but serves to underscore the high benchmark of professionalism and expertise that KraftCPAs PLLC has consistently offered its clients. With a storied history that is highlighted by accolades and achievements, KraftCPAs and its team of dedicated professionals continue to pave the way for exemplary service in the accounting industry.

Indeed, the announcement by Forbes serves as a beacon to all financial professionals — a reminder that dedication to one's craft, constant innovation, and community involvement remain at the heart of true success within the accounting sector. As a firm that has consistently demonstrated these qualities through both its leadership and its workforce, KraftCPAs PLLC stands as an inspiring model for other accounting firms in Tennessee and across the nation.

As the profession of accounting evolves in an increasingly complex business world, figures such as Vic Alexander shine as guiding lights, illuminating the path forward with their insight and expertise. The ability to balance the unrelenting pace of financial progress with the maintaining of ethical standards and community roots makes the recognition of one's commitment by a renowned publication such as Forbes deeply significant.

Alexander's recognition by Forbes thus reaffirms the prominence and respect that KraftCPAs commands in the field of accounting. This commendation from Forbes places Alexander and, by extension, KraftCPAs at the zenith of a profession that is fundamental to the health and vitality of businesses and the economy at large. It highlights the extraordinary drive and proficiency necessary to be considered at the pinnacle of one's field, and in Alexander's case, the recognition is a well-deserved one.

One can seldom overlook the importance of role models in any professional journey. Alexander's tribute to his mentor, Joe Kraft, illustrates not only his individual gratitude but also the lineage of knowledge and expertise that has cascaded through KraftCPAs over the years. As Alexander and his contemporaries navigate the complexities of the accounting sector, they draw from a wellspring of legacy and foresight — qualities that have doubtlessly contributed to this recent honor from Forbes.

Within Tennessee's robust community of finance professionals, Alexander's selection as one of the top 200 CPAs in the country propels him to the forefront as a representative of excellence in accounting. As communities and businesses continue to seek guidance in financial matters, Alexander, backed by an organization like KraftCPAs, provides not just the much-needed expertise, but reassurance of sterling quality and committed service.

In sum, Forbes' accolade to Vic Alexander is not merely a reflection of his individual merit, but a declaration of the leading standards upheld by KraftCPAs PLLC within the accounting industry. It is a marker of both past performance and future promise of the firm, as it fosters an environment for continued growth and service to the community. Congratulations to Vic Alexander and KraftCPAs PLLC on achieving this notable distinction.

The accounting world routinely witnesses laudable achievements, yet Forbes' recognition of top-tier accountants serves as a significant demarcation of professional distinction. It is a testament to the enduring pursuit of excellence, a beacon for aspiring accountants, and a hallmark of profound respect within the financial community. For Vic Alexander and fellow honorees, the America's Top 200 CPAs list is not the culmination, but another milestone in a career dedicated to upholding the pillars of financial integrity and innovative thought leadership.

As the financial sector faces new challenges and opportunities, the insights and expertise of top accountants like Alexander will be in ever greater demand. Forbes has illuminated these professionals as key players in our economy's success, providing a valuable resource for businesses and individuals alike. The role of accountants is more critical than ever, and Forbes' list serves as a guide to those seeking the very best in the profession.

In conclusion, the inclusion of Vic Alexander on Forbes' prominent America's Top 200 CPAs list is an event worthy of significant celebration. It is a culmination of years of steadfast dedication to excellence and a signal to the wider world of the exceptional standard of service provided by KraftCPAs PLLC. Forbes has identified Alexander as an eminent leader in accounting, setting a high bar for financial professionals nationwide.

Overall, Vic Alexander's recognition by Forbes exemplifies an unparalleled commitment to his field that will inspire current and future generations of accounting professionals. The significance of Alexander's acknowledgment extends beyond individual accomplishment, mirroring a collective ethos of expertise, innovation, and a fervent dedication to service that is emblematic of the KraftCPAs PLLC team.

The accounting profession stands as one of the vital pillars within the business sector, and Forbes' list of America's Top 200 CPAs shines a spotlight on those who have excelled in upholding its values. Vic Alexander's inclusion on this list is a reflection of his consummate skill and the esteemed reputation of KraftCPAs PLLC, a beacon for all who seek financial wisdom and integrity.

As we celebrate Alexander's esteemed inclusion in Forbes' America's Top 200 CPAs list, we are reminded of the profound impact that dedicated professionals like him have on the industry and on the financial success of businesses. Through his visionary leadership, Vic Alexander continues to inspire excellence in accounting and set the standard for others to follow.

In recognition of this significant achievement, we extend a hearty congratulations to Vic Alexander for his unwavering commitment to the profession and to KraftCPAs PLLC for fostering an environment where such excellence can thrive. May this acknowledgement by Forbes be a testament to the impactful work of financial stewards like Alexander, who continue to shape the future of accounting.